Flight Instruction

The Beach Banners team offers flight instruction operating from home base at Jacksonville Executive Airport at Craig (CRG). All Beach Banners pilots are also experienced flight instructors.

Beach Banners owner, Joel Weaner is an FAA-certified Master CFI with over 20 years of flight instruction experience and many thousands of hours teaching pilots from their first introductory flight to instrument flying and advanced banner towing maneuvers.

Learn To Fly

Learn to fly with the Beach Banners team. Pilots who are experienced and current make the best instructors.

Training Aircraft

The primary training aircraft used by Beach Banners is the Cessna 172. This staple of general aviation is a perfect training platform being both inexpensive to operate and a safe, forgiving airplane.

Private Pilot License

Learn to fly from your first introductory flight all the way through a private pilot license or any other rating.

Instrument Rating

Get an instrument rating with Beach Banners instructors. Beach Banners instructors are certified for instrument instruction and the training aircraft are current and well-maintained for instrument operations.

Commercial Pilot License

Earn a commercial rating with the Beach Banners team. The commercial rating opens the opportunity for more flying, including aerial photography and banner towing.


Pilots who wish to move up to a high performance, complex or pressurized aircraft will need to receive endorsements to perform these operations. Beach Banners instructors are experienced and available to offer instruction helping pilots achieve their endorsements.

Instructor Candidates

Becoming an instructor is often the next step for pilots who become more experienced in their craft. More experienced instructors are required for teaching instructor candidates. Become an instructor with the Beach Banners team.