Aerial Banners

Aerial Banner Advertising in Northeast Florida

Beach Banners is the only aerial banner towing company in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding area. We’ve been in business for over 25 years. We fly out of Craig Airport in Jacksonville and can tow banners for various occasions and customers from Savannah to Gainesville and anywhere between. We also have a vast network of other aerial banner companies with whom we’ve developed strong relationships over the years. Keep your costs low, make your message exciting, and reach thousands with Beach Banners!

The Sky is your billboard!

Banner Options for Everyone

General Public


Gender Reveals





Just for Fun

Special Occasions


Large Corporations

Brand Recognition

Corporate Events

Major Sporting Event Messaging

Trade Shows and Conferences

Nationwide Messaging


Small and Local Businesses



Entertainment Venues

Special Offers



Insurance Agents

Transportation Services

Major Holiday Offerings

Special Announcements

Text-Only Banners

Up to 40 characters (not including spaces). Individual letters will be 5 or 7 feet tall, depending on character total. Red or black letters only. Some special characters, such as heart shapes, may be available. Can fly different messages with minimal lead time and no printing costs. Typically best for short messages or website URLs.

Full Vinyl Banners

Size varies depending on customer specifications. Must be between 25 and 2000 square feet. Full color. These are printed, so they cannot be changed unless a new print is created. Typically best for branding and multiple banner flights.

Hybrid Banners

Printed vinyl banner with interchangeable text in the “tail” section. Size varies depending on customer specifications. The vinyl portion is typically 25 to 1000 square feet with a text-only “tail” which can hold up to 20 characters (including spaces). The vinyl portion is printed, so it cannot be changed unless a new print is created. The text-only “tail” can be changed with new messaging every flight.

Service Area

  • Direct: All of Northeast Florida and Southern Georgia
  • Partner Network: All of Florida and Most of the Eastern United States


As you can imagine, it isn’t easy to gauge how many people see the banners we fly. We engage the target area and also thousands of people in transit. Below are some conservative estimates for Northeast Florida:

  • Major Holiday Weekends (Jacksonville Beach Area): 75,000+ Impressions
  • PGA Tour TPC at Sawgrass: 60,000+ Impressions
  • Jaguars Home Game (Before or After Game): 70,000+ Impressions
  • Major Concert Downtown: 50,000+ Impressions

Those are conservative estimates based on recorded event attendance.


What People Are Saying

Premium Dates

Flying a banner over one of Northeast Florida’s major events, such as holiday weekends on the beaches, the TPC, a Jaguars game, or Monster Jam, can be a highly successful marketing decision. Special events and holiday weekends usually generate the highest response rates for our advertisers and are in high demand. Our banners fly over tens of thousands of eyes on these special days.

We typically charge 20% above standard rates for the following special events and dates:

  • Most federal holidays and the weekends that most closely correlate to them
  • All NFL and college football games (we can fly only during tailgate times due to FAA regulations)
  • Monster Jam
  • TPC at Sawgrass
  • Other major events where attendance is expected to be more than 5,000


Flying a banner is among the highest return-on-investment advertising channels available due to its relatively low cost per thousand impressions, uniqueness, and memorability. Beach Banners is the only aerial banner operator in Northeast Florida, but we don’t take that for granted. We keep our prices as low as possible and offer multi-flight discounts. We require full payment prior to your planned banner flight, unless other arrangements have been made with us in writing.

You’ll be able to adjust your price by deciding on the following variables:

  • Where the banner(s) will be flown (generally, the further the distance from Craig Airport, the more expensive it will be)
  • The date that it will be flown
  • How many dates it will be flown
  • How many laps you wish to fly on one flight (standard is between 3 and 12)
  • What type of banner (text-only, vinyl, hybrid)
  • Whether or not you’ll be flying on a premium date (see below)

The cost of flying aerial banners depends on several factors, including the price of aviation fuel, airport fees, and more. We calculate these and update pricing often. For the latest pricing, please submit an interest request or email We typically respond within a few hours. You can also call 904-642-0721.

Content Policy

  • As a general guideline, if you can say it on the radio, you can probably fly it in the air.
  • We believe in freedom of speech and we work hard to ensure most messages can be flown.
  • Beach Banners reserves the right to reject any content for any reason, but we will likely only reject content if it…
    • Breaks the law in any way
    • Promotes hate
    • Incorporates obscene or suggestive language or images
  • We will work with you to adjust your messaging if it is not permissible.
  • For banners with marriage proposals, we do not offer refunds for rejections, but we’ll gladly support you if you want to try again.

Weather Policy

We cannot fly banners if…

  • Winds are above 25 kts at the departure airport
  • It’s raining or storming

Preparing banners for flight takes a considerable amount of time in the days and hours leading up to a planned flight. We do not offer refunds due to weather. If we have to cancel your planned banner flight due to weather, we will do our best to fly it that day if the weather clears up and it makes sense for you. If we cannot fly on your planned day, we will fly on a comparable day in the future.