Flight Lessons

Turn your dream of flying into a reality.

Free Discovery Flight

We'll credit your account for the cost of your first flight after your first three lessons. Aged 8-17? Ask us about a free discovery flight with no additional training requirements.

Zero Time to Certified Flight Instructor

Save money and prepare for a career in aviation with this all-inclusive package. No aviation experience required. Submit an interest form today to learn more.

Our training aircraft are located at Craig Airport in Jacksonville, FL. 

Flight Lesson Options

Choose Your Path to Learning How to Fly

From no experience to ready to fly at a major airline, you can get all of your experience and certifications with us.

Pilot walking to her plane

Private Pilot Certificate

Get everything you need to start flying with confidence without quitting your day job.
Handsome young pilot checking his ultralight airplane in the hangar before flight

Zero to CFI Program

No flight experience? No problem. Your complete journey to earning money while flying.

Instrument Rating

Have your private certificate already? Learn how to fly in any weather and level up.
Seminole 2

Multi-Engine Rating

Learn how to fly aircraft with more than one engine to add more options to your aviation experience.
Male airline captain holding control wheel and turning switch on overhead panel while sitting in airplane cockpit

Commercial Rating

Get the credentials you need. to start earning money through aviation.
Adventurous couple smiling at each other while having fun on a private helicopter ride

CFI Rating

We'll show you how to become an incredible certified flight instructor.
Rear view of pilot trainee and female flight instructor in cockpit. He is sitting next to the female instructor attending to her explanations.

CFII Rating

Learn how to teach students instrument flying skills and take your own experience to the next level.
Small white single engine airplane takes off from a municipal airfield in rural Minnesota

Tail Wheel Endorsement

Flying a tail wheel airplane, or "taildragger," is exciting. We'll show you how to do it safely.
PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - 9.09.2017: Hand of pilot on handwheel in small plane and dashboard in sky over Prague

Refreshers and Currency

Need to get current? Want a refresher? Studying for a check-ride? We can help.
We’ll respond within 24 hours, usually sooner. 
Why Choose Us

Explore the Skies with Us

Not all flight training is created equally.
See why Beach Banners is different. Schedule a discovery flight to get started.


Beach Banners has been teaching students how to fly since 1996. Safety and professionalism set us apart from other flight training.

Affordable Price

Unlike some flight training options, you can pay for your flight lessons with us as you go. We work hard to keep airplane rental rates low while also keeping our fleet well-maintained for your safety.

Flexible Scheduling

We don't require you to quit your day job, sacrifice family time, or over-commit. You can train with. us whenever it fits into your schedule.

We’ll respond within 24 hours, usually sooner.