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Although Beach Banners’ primary focus is on aerial banner advertising in Jacksonville, Florida and throughout the southeast, we offer other high-flying services as well.

Banner Advertising

An aerial sign or banner towed through the sky by airplane is a great way to advertise. People fast forward through commercials using DVR or skip looking through a newspaper in favor of the Internet, but it’s hard to look away from a banner in the sky.

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Aerial Scattering

Aerial scattering of our loved one’s cremated remains creates a memorial instead of a marker in a cemetery. It allows certain images and events in our daily lives to invoke memories of that special person.

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Flight Instruction

Most flight schools provide an instructor who just got the rating and is only one step ahead of you. The Beach Banners flight crew includes Certified Flight Instructors, Instrument Instructors, Multi-Engine Instructors and Ground School Instructors. Why not learn from experienced pilots with thousands of hours flying? We offer flight instruction by the hour or by the rating, and training is available in our aircraft or you can bring your own.

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Aerial Photography

Beach Banners offers aerial photography services in Jacksonville, Florida, or anywhere in the southeast at a great rate. Photography types include:


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