Beach Banners


Beach Banners flies signs in the sky above Jacksonville and other cities in the Southeast. Aerial Advertising is a simple, cost-effective advertising method that avoids the clutter of other media. Below are the main types of banners Beach Banners flies for customers with an example of each.

Every year we make an effort to keep a list of ways to advertise in Jacksonville. Check out our list of banner advertising events for 2014. These events are just a few of the great opportunities to fly a banner in Jacksonville in 2014, but there is no limit to the number of opportunities in a city like Jacksonville. Check out our events list and get an airplane banner advertising quote.

Letter Banners

Beach Banners Letter BannerAll rates include our standard letter banners, which are available in sizes 5-foot and 7-foot tall.  5-foot banners are available in red and black letters, and your message can be as long at 36 characters, not including spaces.  7-foot banners are available in black letters only, and your message can be up to 30 characters long, not including spaces.  The main advantage to a letter banner is that your message can be changed as your needs dictate.

Aerial Billboards

Beach Banners Aerial BillboardLooking to make a dramatic impact on your target audience?  Our aerial billboards will take brand-recognition sky high and will ensure a lasting impression is made to those down below.  An aerial billboard may be the wisest advertising investment you could ever possibly make.

Logo With Trailer

Beach Banners Logo With TrailerIf you want brand-recognition, but still need the ability to change your message to meet short-term needs then a logo with trailer is for you. This banner combines the two methods and gives you the most flexibility for your advertising dollar.  Can you think of any other type of media that allows you to change your message without having to go back into expensive creative production?